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Aspire’s Advanced ACD helps you manage your company’s most valuable resource - its employees, while helping to improve service for your most important asset - your customers. Like so many other Aspire productivity features, advanced ACD is built-in**. There’s no expensive add-on to buy and set up.

Essential ACD Agent Features

Aspire ACD ensures agents have time for important record keeping before sending them additional calls. With the simple stroke of a key, agents can request help with troublesome callers. Supervisors can monitor, join or intercept calls. Auto Answer and an optional headset help agents maintain privacy in noisy areas.

Maximized System Performance

Extensive monitoring allows supervisors to keep track of status and traffic in each ACD group. System supervisors can view the group’s call queue and put an ACD group in and out of service as required. ACD group supervisors can put their agents in and out of service, view the group’s call queue and reassign an agent to another group. Expand these Aspire capabilities with the optional inDepth ACD/ MIS package.

Detailed Queue Status Display

Queue status displays can be set to show continuously on a supervisor's telephone or after a key press on an agent’s telephone. A queue alarm, with audible tone and telephone display, is triggered when queue wait time or number of calls in queue exceeds a target threshold.

Guidance For Callers

Aspire ACD keeps callers informed with prerecorded messages during peak traffic periods. With the optional NVM Series Voice Mail installed, callers can continue to wait or they can leave a message with callback information.

Flexible Scheduling And Routing

Depending on schedule demands, Aspire ACD can adapt to weekdays, weekends, after hours and holidays. Agents can be assigned to different groups at different times depending on where they are needed the most.

Aspire ACD Features

  • Agent log-in and log-out
  • Agent log-in to multiple groups
  • Agent Identity Codes (AIC)
  • Multiple Agent log-in at single extension
  • Arriving ACD calls placed queue until answered
  • ACD announcements - initial, periodic and overflow
  • ACD queue overflow to voice mail or to another ACD group (with lookback routing)
  • Flexible schedule configuration for ACD trunks and ACD agents
  • Supervisor ACD monitor - visual call status or audible monitor
  • Emergency Call supervisor assistance
  • Queue Status Display at any display telephone
  • Queue Status Alarm when service falls below target
  • Call Coverage for other ACD groups
  • Trunk Priority
  • Agent Rest mode - Manual and Automatic
  • Agent Wrapup time allowance
  • Automatic Answer for headset operations
  • Supports up to 512 ACD agents in up to 64 ACD groups

The NEC Dterm® VSR (Voice Security Recorder)

A valuable tool for any ACD operation, the NEC VSR enables Aspire users to record and manage their telephone conversations from a PC. Recorded conversations are stored on the attached PC and not in the telephone system. Software for recording and playback control ships with each VSR device.

The VSR is easy to install. Just connect it between the Aspire t telephone and the wall jack, then plug it into the PC USB port. The VSR gets power from the PC USB port so no power connection is required.

inDepth ACD/MIS Packages Windows® Based Performance Monitoring and Reporting Software

Respond to changing conditions with real-time information provided by inDepth, an extensive set of telephone traffic and usage reports. inDepth works with your built-in Aspire ACD to provide up-to-date statistics and historic reports for ACD group traffic patterns, agent activities and system usage. Configure your displays to show Calls in Progress, Calls Waiting, Length of Time in Queue, Average Time in Queue, Abandoned Calls and more. Each item can be configured to change color when attention is required. inDepth software packages meet a variety of needs:

  • inDepth Lite - The small or startup organization can choose from six different management reports and four different status options to appear on-screen in the display window. Only a single screen template can be created and saved.
  • inDepth - For more modest ACD applications, inDepth provides seven management reports and a single onscreen template that may include up to 14 different status windows. Customized reports may be created, but the template for a report may not be saved.
  • inDepth + (plus) - The most comprehensive and capable ACD/MIS package offers 30 different reports as well as the ability to create and save an unlimited number of customized report templates. Includes one (1) inView user license.

Advanced inDepth Enhancement License

inView™ (LAN Wallboard)

Packages of multiple licenses allow ACD agents and others to view the real-time on-screen displays created by the installed inDepth system. inView users can view status screens but cannot create or change them.

Sub-Supervisor for inDepth +

Each Sub-Supervisor license extends all the capabilities of the inDepth+ computer to another PC on the network. It provides all the capabilities of inDepth+ to another supervisor without having to install a second inDepth+ system. A maximum of 100 Sub-Supervisors may be installed on the LAN.

inDepth PC Requirements

  • CPU - Pentium II 300 MHz
  • OS - Windows 98 or higher
  • Hard Drive 2 G free
  • Graphic Card - 256 color, 800 x 600 SVGA
  • CD ROM Drive - Installed
  • Network Card - 10 Mbps, Static address
  • Microsoft IE - ver 4 or higher

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