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Aspire Mail FMS

NEC's voice mail, Aspire Mail FMS , is better able to meet these expectations because they are digitally linked in the Aspire platform. Digital integration brings increased speed and accuracy to your voice mail system. And since Aspire Mail FMS mount inside the Aspire cabinet, they are easy to install. For users who don't require large amounts of storage space, Aspire Mail is a productivity enhancing voice mail system for cost conscious customers. Aspire Mail expands from 4 to 8 voice mail ports, includes 200 mailboxes and stores at least thirty hours of messages. Aspire Mail options are easily customized over your Ethernet LAN.

When you are busy or can't answer or when your mailbox answers, the caller hears your personal prerecorded Mailbox Greeting and is asked to leave a message. You can record Multiple Greetings (up to 3) and easily select the one you want your callers to hear. Using the optional Caller ID from your phone system, Aspire Mail stores the telephone number of a caller that left a message in your mailbox. After you listen to the message, Make Call lets you quickly call the person back without manually dialing. The sophisticated Automated Attendant ensures that your calls are answered and routed
quickly and efficiently. Hesitant to leave your desk until that important call comes in? Aspire Mail Park and Page can automatically park that call and page you over an in-house paging system with your own pre-recorded announcement. You won't miss that important call and you'll be free to take care of other business away from your desk. New users will appreciate the First Time Tutorial that automatically guides them through all the Aspire Mail power features. While you're busy at your desk, use the Aspire Mail Answering Machine Emulation to screen your calls just like your answering machine at home. You can choose to answer that important call, listen to the caller without answering or let it go through to your mailbox.

Voice Mail for the Growing Business

With Aspire Mail, you'll get one-touch access to your most frequently used integrated voice mail features. Use the voice mail features you need the most - like Calling Your Mailbox and Leaving a Message for a co-worker just by pressing a single key. Use this same key to check your Message Count Display to see how many messages you have waiting in your mailbox. One touch "Soft" keys make it easy to manage your voice mail messages. And, while you're on a call, just a few touches can also Transfer your call directly to a co-worker's mailbox. For those important messages, mark them Urgent (for priority treatment) and/or Confidential (for the recipient only). Have you ever been on the phone with a client or customer and not been able to take notes fast enough? With Aspire Mail, just press the programmed Conversation Record key to record the call directly into your mailbox. Later on, review the recorded conversation for important details you may have missed.

Integration for the Way You Really Work

If you can't be at your desk to take calls, press the Call Forward key and Aspire Mail will immediately send calls to your mailbox. In addition, your system can Automatically Forward calls when you are busy or can't answer. Contact NCC to Learn More

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