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CTI: Computer Telephony Integration

CTI using Aspire brings the voice and data network together through any TAPI compliant backend database. Aspire CTI allows callers to match database records with visual screen pops and display pertinent information for employees participating in the call.

Callers wanting information on an order no longer have to wait on the line while a customer service representative looks up their records; in fact, in some cases, callers can bypass the service representative altogether. The whole process can be a fully automated "conversation" between the caller and the database they access through the touch-tone phone. This leaves the customer service representatives free to give personal attention to callers who require it.

Callers who have access to fax machines can take CTI a step further and use the technology to receive hard copies of information they require. Thus, callers needing a list of local social service agencies, or a copy of a past phone bill use CTI to obtain that information immediately, 24 hours a day.

Cellular customers, too, now can enjoy the advantages of CTI. Cellular users of Centigram's Voice Gateway, for example, can use CTI to perform billing inquiries, obtain detailed line item listings, or request fax copies of account statements, just as someone using a desk phone would.

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