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In-Depth Call Center Software

InDepth is an extensive set of telephone traffic and usage reports. InDepth works with your built-in Aspire ACD to provide up-to-date statistics and historic reports for ACD group traffic patterns, agent activities, and system usage. Configure your displays to show Calls in Progress, Calls Waiting, Length of Time in Queue, Average Time in Queue, Abandoned Calls, and more. Each item can be configured to change color when attention is required.

inDepth+InDepth+ enhances the Aspire built-in ACD through Windows-based real time statistics and reports on ACD group traffic patterns and usage. InDepth+ is an extensive set of configur-able Real Time Windows and Reporter subsystems offering:

Real Time Status Window

Displays vital agent status, state and connection information.

Real Time Statistics Window

Provides a visual performance summary for lines, agents and ACD groups.

Call Queue and Wait Time Windows

Real Time Display






Shows the number of calls waiting and the longest wait time, as well as the number of calls answered and abandoned.

Wallboard Template

Motivate and inform agents through a dynamic display of real time statistics and messages.



Allows ACD system administrators to create fully-configurable reports for display and printing.


The optional Sub-Supervisor has all the capabilities of the inDepth+ computer at another PC on the network, without having to install a second inDepth+ system. You can have a maximum of 100 Sub-Supervisors on each inDepth+ system.

inDepthInDepth offers many of the MIS capabilities of inDepth+ but is streamlined for more modest ACD applications. InDepth provides a single real time screen template, up to seven reports and can track report data for up to one full month. Although loaded with ACD/MIS capabilities like Report View/Print and Audible/Visual Alarms, inDepth excludes the Sub-Supervisor Positions and Wallboard Support.

inDepth LiteWith inDepth Lite, the small or startup organization can choose from six different management reports and four different status options to appear on-screen in the display window. Only a single screen template can be created and saved.

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