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The inView LAN Wallboard provides an agent's desktop PC with ACD/MIS wallboard capability. InView software is installed on an agent's PC, which is then connected via LAN to the inDepth computer. This allows the agent's PC to display real time ACD group activity in an on-screen PC wallboard. Each PC with an inView LAN Wallboard installed has the same requirements as the PC dedicated to the inDepth system. The inView LAN Wallboard provides two different views: the Status View and the Wallboard View.

Status View

inView Status



Allows the inView user to monitor the status of an ACD or extension group.

Wallboard View

inView Wallboard



Provides the inView user with a display of any of the large character windows available in inDepth+. The user can customize the Wallboard View to meet their application requirements. The Wallboard View can also receive messages and pop-up alarms.

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