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Managed IT Solutions

To recruit, train and maintain an in-house team can be a timely venture yielding a low ROI. However, finding the right outsource team that you can trust and depend on can prove to be just as difficult.

With over 15+ years in network consulting & IT support services, the NCCMS Team has many options to help you fulfill your IT requirements. Whether you run a SOHO business from your home, maintain several small branch offices or utilize a mid-large corporate enterprise network,  NCC delivers the Managed Services Team and resources that keep you on budget and on time.

With service level agreements to fit any need or budget,  NCC Managed Services specializes in everything from a one-time visit to providing fully Managed Services like computer security, software training services & various business phone systems.  We are your go-to consulting and IT support team.  In addition to the traditional on-site support options, NCC Managed Services offers remote VPN, email and phone support options to fit your needs and resolve those small issues without incurring travel fees, costly on-site hours or interrupting your staff’s daily workflow.

The NCC Consulting process is based on an understanding that each network is unique.  The most effective IT solutions are those that help customers enhance their business, not restrict it. The latest and greatest IT solution may not be the best choice for a business that is unprepared for the changes that come with it. We make sure the cure is not worse than the disease by designing an IT strategy that takes into account where a business is and where it can go realistically.

By the same token, there are times when a customer needs to modernize, to take advantage of technology that's become a requirement in today's changing market. Whether we recommend a "Network Security Audit," or a step-by-step approach to modernization, we do so with awareness of the challenges each business faces.

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