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Music On Hold - Audio Emcee

Seize the Moment!

You spend money every day advertising to customers and potential customers in an effort to get them to call your business. And since 70% of all callers are placed on hold, many for up to a minute or more, what do they hear? The radio? Static? Or worse, NOTHING? Info-Hold will improve your company image, cross-sell your products and services, and keep your callers entertained and informed. All this designed to keep your callers on the line until you can service them. Studies show that 85% of callers prefer to hear product and service information over silence and music, so what are you waiting for? A company that receives 25 calls per day without Info-Hold is missing 6,500 opportunities each year to promote their products and services.

The next time you're considering radio, yellow pages, or newspaper advertising, remember why you're doing it - to get customers to call. So put some money where your customers are, on the phone!

On-Hold Messaging

When you call a business and are placed on hold, you may hear informative "commercials" about the company and the products and services they offer. These commercials are called on-hold messages. Info-Hold is specifically designed to increase your profits by capturing your callers' attention and delivering important information about your products and services.

On-hold messaging is far superior to any other alternative. Why? Think about it. Interested, potential and existing customers call your company to obtain information about your products and services. So, when these callers are placed on-hold, which of the following choices would logically reduce caller frustration and provide the most benefits for your company:


Callers hanging in silent limbo begin to feel ignored. The longer the wait, the lower the caller's opinion of the company. Studies show that 90% of people placed on silent hold will hang up within 40 seconds. 34% of those callers will never call back.


Playing the radio over your business telephone makes it a "public performance." So, unless you are paying ASCAP and/or BMI licensing fees, you are violating copyright law and may be subject to fines up to $20,000, not to mention the risk that your callers may hear your competitor's advertisements, or static if it's not properly tuned.

Music Only

You still must make sure that music licensing fees are paid, plus you are missing an opportunity to advertise to a captive audience - your callers!

Info-Hold On-Hold Messaging

  • Info-Hold is a great company image builder. Professional recorded messages give callers the impression of a successful and professional company
  • As a sales tool, Info-Hold can sell your prospects and customers on products and services that you offer.
  • You enhance and support your marketing strategies by working with one of our professional copywriters who is knowlegeable about your industry.
  • As an advertising medium, Info-Hold is cost effective. Television, radio, newspaper and billboards cannot capture your customer the way Info-Hold can. It's like having your own personal ad agency. Remember, you are delivering to a targeted market ... your customer!

Most companies knock themselves out trying to present their wares to qualified, potential customers. So, when they call, does it make sense to waste they opportunity by letting them languish in a silent limbo when they're placed on hold? It's tough enough to find as much quality presentation time as we'd like without throwing it away!

NEC Audio Emcee Messaging System

Built-in memory. If unit loses power or is turned off, it will automatically reprogram the last sequence played when powered up again. Program messages with ease using the included infrared remote.

Custom Message Certificate

In addition to your starter disc library, you will receive a Custom Message Certificate redeemable for an additional 8 customized messages about your company. Our professional copywriters will create the scripts for you.

Return the signed certificate to receive your "Smart Code" to unlock the system after the initial 30 days, to continue use for your first year's subscription.

New Messages

Info-Hold use a "Disc Library" method for recording new messages. Each client is assigned 2 discs. One disc is kept at our office, and the other is sent to you to play over your phone system. Whenever new messages are produced, they are recorded on the disc in our office and then sent to you. When you receive the updated disc, you discard your original disc. Your current and original messages are kept on file at our studio for easy reference. This method allows you to build a "library," giving you access to every message we produce for you.

What image are you portraying?

Many businesses don't realize that customers and prospect often from their opinions of a company based on the first phone call they make to that company's office. The more professional the experience while waiting on-hold, the more professionally the customer will place your company in their mind. First impressions are more important than ever before. Why? Because most people have little time on their hands and are more apt to form first impressions as snap judgements are often the basis for later buying decisions. Info-Hold's completed customized on-hold messaging system can give your company the much-needed advantage of a professional first impression!

Getting Started:

1. After purchasing, your dealer will then install your system, complete with courtesy messages and music tracks, to your telephone system. Then just fill out the customized message certicate that is included and fax it to Info-Hold.

2. Once we receive your certificate we will provide you with your "Smart Code" to unlock the player after the initial 30 days, and assign a professional copywriter to you. Your writer will interview you to learn about your business and the products and services you offer. He or she will write a script for up to 8 customized messages. Remember, you don't have to get all 8 custom messages produced at once. You can have 6 of them porduced now and save two for later in the year, or even have them produced one at a time. With Info-Hold, flexibility is the key. You decide when you get your messages, and later what messages you want to play and when you want to play them. Once you approve the scripts, your writer will help you choose the appropriate background music for each message. Then your scripts will be sent to the studio to be recorded by our professional voice talents and subsequently loaded onto a matching disc and sent to you.

3. When you receive your new disc, simply remove the outdated disc from your player and discard it. Next, insert the updated disc into your player and choose what tracks you want to program by reviewing the included Track Legend. The Track Legend lists the content and track numbers of all the messages on your disc. Finally, program your desired tracks by following our easy-to-understand programming instructions.

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