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Overhead Paging Systems

NCC offers paging solutions for all types of businesses. NCC can provide the proper solution for all facility sizes and all business types.


Paging System Features

Telephone Interface
We'll integrate your paging system with just about any phone system so paging announcements can be made from any facility phone.

Zone Paging
Segmenting your facility into paging zones gives you and your staff a great deal of control over where pages are heard. Page just into a certain area, into groups of defined areas, or all-call to your entire facility.

Emergency Override
Emergency override gives you the ability to override any other audio and get an announcement out to everyone in the facility.

Spot Sound Masking
Valcom Spot Sound Masking Speakers offer the quickest and most inexpensive approach for medical facilities to comply with HIPAA regulations regarding incidental disclosure.

Create an environment where an individual's right to privacy is respected without burdening staff or compromising the organizations ability to provide patient care.

Night Ring
When your phone system shifts over to night mode, have it send a signal to our paging system that will ring throughout your facility so that anyone in the facility will know there is an incoming call.

Talking back
Paging speakers can double as microphones to allow the person being paged to respond simply by talking back. This application is idea for schools.

Background Music
Pipe background music throughout your facility, or only to certain areas. When a page is made, the background music mutes until the page is finished.

Auto Volume Adjustment
Microphones installed at key areas in your facility can report back the ambient noise level to the paging system so that it can automatically increase or decrease the volume to that particular area accordingly. This feature is ideal for manufacturing environments or shops where loud equipment kicks on and off throughout the day.

  • Shift Change Tones ring at programmed times according to an internal clock on the paging system. That internal clock can be auto-synchronized with an external reference clock.
  • Preannounce tones which sound just before a page is made.
  • Privacy beeps which sound every 15 seconds while talk-back is engaged so staff doesn't wonder if they're being listened in on.
  • Emergency/shift change tones can be triggered by external equipment.

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