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PC Assistant

The NEC Aspire PC Assistant is designed to integrate with the NEC Aspire Telephone System. The PC Assistant communicates with the Aspire through your corporate data network. When calls ring the telephone, the PC Assistant displays caller information on the PC and allows users to easily perform GUI-based call handling features. The PC Assistant displays click-on, icon based call control buttons as shortcuts to common telephone operations.

Basic user functions include: Answer, Hold, Dial, Transfer, Conference, Park and Page, Barge-in, Speed Dial, Contact Lookup, and more. Users also get quick access to more advanced features like Incoming Call Control, Directory with Busy Lamp indicator, Outbound PC Dialing, Call Logging, Call Recording (.wav files) and Screen Pops when used with Microsoft Outlook, Goldmine, and Act.

The PC Assistant Interface screen can be minimized while you continue to work on your PC, and brought to the foreground when an inbound call is detected. The main screen of the Aspire PC Assistant provides easy access to the basic operations and presents valuable information about the current call activity. Using the mouse or keyboard, the user can quickly search the contact directory and view the status of the individual lines and extensions. Aspire Telephones equipped with a USB Adaptor (Universal Serial Bus) offer the user the ability to record, save, or forward conversations. Call recording can be performed on a per call basis or setup to automatically record all calls. With the use of the USB, the PC Assistant can also be set to automatically play a personal call answer greeting.  

A call log provides a table view of a user's current and previous calls. The Call Log will include collected history for both phone and PC dialing. Each call record includes the user ID, call type (in/out), call date and time, call duration, and Caller ID number4. Recorded conversations (if any) would also be associated with the specific call log entry. Simply double click on the appropriate call log icon to play back the recorded conversation. To help users provide more accurate services, call logs can be searched, sorted, archived, printed, and exported. A user can attach notes to each call log entry and also have the ability to redial a number that is associated with a call log record.

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