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PC Attendant

The Aspire PC Attendant is another one of the Aspire IP solutions. Connecting to the customers IP network, the PC Attendant allows Attendants to perform call handling
responsibilities with simplicity and efficiency right from their desktops. The PC interface is easy-to-use and helps attendants remain focused for improved productivity and efficiency. Enhanced Messaging Management Designed to integrate with the NEC Aspire, the PC Attendant provides easy access to a full array of call handling features.

The PC Attendant can be configured to automatically play an answer greeting. Attendants are alerted to incoming calls and can access a comprehensive database for information about the requested extension. Transferring calls is as simple as pointing and clicking a mouse. Other basic functions include answer, hold, dial, conference, page and park. Attendant’s conversations can be recorded, saved, and forwarded as an email attachment. Call recording can be performed on a per call basis or setup to automatically record all calls. A call log provides a table view of an attendants calls. Each call record includes the attendant ID, call type (in/out), call date and time, call duration, and Caller ID number.  Recorded conversations (if any) would also be associated with the specific call log entry. To help attendants provide more accurate services, call logs can be searched, sorted, archived, printed and exported. An attendant can attach notes to each call log entry and also has the ability to re-dial a number that is associated with a call log record.

The attendant can determine if an extension is in use, idle, call forwarded, or marked for Do Not Disturb (DND). If a transferred call meets with a busy signal, a menu of options (such as “quick transfer to voice mail”) are made available. The PC Attendant also includes a network supported application, called Quick Message. By installing the Quick Message client on individual PCs, the attendant is able to quickly send short messages to other employees, who can respond with a single keystroke. For manageability,  extensions can be grouped under customer defined tabs (i.e., workgroup, department. etc.) and monitored  separately. Best of all, by simply clicking on the pop-up window, attendants can simultaneously use  standard programs, such as word processing or spreadsheets, while answering the phones. Custom-made Convenience Configuring your PC Attendant is simple. Users have the ability to choose their own feature keys and create a virtually unlimited number of speed dial and on-screen shortcut buttons, which helps to save time and ensure accuracy.

PC Attendant

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