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Aspire's Advanced ACD helps you manage your company's most valuable resource - its employees, while helping to improve service for your most important asset - your customers. Like so many other Aspire productivity features, advanced ACD is built-in**. There's no expensive add-on to buy and set up. Learn More

PC Assistant

The NEC Aspire PC Assistant is designed to integrate with the NEC Aspire Telephone System. The PC Assistant commun-icates with the Aspire through your corporate data network. Learn More

Conference Bridge

Aspire offers a variety of IP solutions to the most common business needs. The Aspire  Conference Bridge is another one of the Aspire IP solutions. Learn More

Voice Security Recorder

This document describes the features and capabilities of the NEC Dterm Voice Security Recorder (Dterm VSR) and the associated Desktop software solution. The Dterm VSR consists of a USB device that taps across the digital extension pair of a Dterm Digital extension port and software that enables the user to manage their stored calls. Learn More

Desktop Call Control

Desktop Call Control is a WindowsTM application that gives you the convenience of managing telephone calls from your PC. Learn More

PC Attendant

The Aspire PC Attendant is another one of the Aspire IP solutions. Connecting to the customers IP network, the PC Attendant allows Attendants to perform call handling respons-ibilities with simplicity and efficiency right from their desktops. Learn More

In-Depth Call Center Software

InDepth is an extensive set of telephone traffic and usage reports. InDepth works with your built-in Aspire ACD to provide up-to-date statistics and historic reports for ACD group traffic patterns, agent activities, and system usage. Configure your displays to show Calls in Progress, Calls Waiting, Length of Time in Queue, Average Time in Queue, Abandoned Calls, and more. Each item can be configured to change color when attention is required. Learn More

In-Depth InView

The inView LAN Wallboard provides an agent's desktop PC with ACD/MIS wallboard capability. InView software is installed on an agent's PC, which is then connected via LAN to the inDepth computer. This allows the agent's PC to display real time ACD group activity in an on-screen PC wallboard. Each PC with an inView LAN Wallboard installed has the same require-ments as the PC dedicated to the inDepth system. The inView LAN Wallboard provides two different views: the Status View and the Wallboard View. Learn More

Call Analyst Software

Aspire allows reporting of call accounting data. In networked implementations of multiple telephone systems, CallAnalyst helps vendors define a clear ROI for the solution package. Customer Benefits Monitor agent productivity and make adjust-ments as needed to increase profitability. Automatically email call reports based on preset criteria so managers and agents can immediately measure their performance against department goals. Learn More

CTI Applications

CTI using Aspire brings the voice and data network together through any TAPI compliant backend database. Aspire CTI allows callers to match database records with visual screen pops and display pertinent information for employees participating in the call. Learn More

User Pro

The Aspire UserPro is a browser-based software application that allows users to quickly and easily program their Aspire telephone right from their PC. Learn More

Music On Hold - Audio Emcee

You spend money every day advertising to customers and potential customers in an effort to get them to call your business. And since 70% of all callers are placed on hold, many for up to a minute or more, what do they hear? The radio? Static? Or worse, NOTHING? Info-Hold will improve your company image, cross-sell your products and services, and keep your callers entertained and informed. All this designed to keep your callers on the line until you can service them. Learn More

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