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The UX5000 helps reduce costs by transparently sharing resources between branches or remote offices. A compact yet powerful IP Communication server that is simple to deploy, administer and maintain.

  • Application Integration - Embedded applications including Voice Mail, ACD, Desktop Faxing, and Conference Bridge are easily accessed through a browser or Windows based interface.

  • Scalability - The UX5000 can start small and cost effectively expand to over 1,000 ports

  • Stackable Architecture - The UX5000's rack stackable chassis supports server functions through a single unit.

Enhanced Centralized Management:
The UX5000 offers centralized management of system data and platforms; move, adds and changes of the UX5000 terminals are quick and easy with built-in features such as "hot desking" which allows you to log-in to any terminal on the network.

Productivity Enhancement: IP provides internal and external communications and access to advanced data and productivity by integrating sophisticated hardware components and diverse software applications. NEC brings control of terminal features and related call information to the user’s PC, and provides advanced computer telephony integration throughout your organization.

Bluetooth Hub Adapter: Users can synchronize peripheral equipment such as PDAs, mobile phones, headsets, conference units, and keyboards with enhanced terminal.

XML Open Interface Support: Enables developers to create displayable and accessible applications via UX IP terminals. Applications such as calendar links, wall boards, directories, stock tickers, news reports, and more can be displayed.

Mobility Solutions: Select from a variety of mobility solutions and tools to keep your customers and team connected - while providing access to all the UX5000's advanced telephony and voice Messaging features. Telephone Systems

Bluetooth Cordless Handset/Cordless Phone: For mobility, efficiency and improved customer service from within the compound of your workspace.

IP DECT Wireless Handset:Easily make or receive Office Phone Systemscalls from anywhere in your workplace. Provides the flexibility to set your wireless handset and desk terminal to have the same extension, or operate separately.

WiFi Handset: When using NEC access points, delivers multi-line call handling capability with roaming throughout your workplace. If outside the workplace, the Wi-Fi Handset can be used from any hot spot to access many UX5000 features.

Phone Systems

Mobile Extension: Gives the ability to link your cell phone to your extension on the UX5000. Allows your cell phone to easily receive calls, transfer incoming calls to other extensions, make intercom calls, or perform any number of other call handling functions.

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