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Voice Security Recording

A valuable tool for any ACD operation, the NEC VSR enables Aspire users to record and manage their telephone conversations from a PC.

Recorded conversations are stored on the attached PC and not in the telephone system. Software for recording and playback control ships with each VSR device. The VSR is easy to install. Just connect it between the Aspire telephone and the wall jack, then plug it into the PC USB port. The VSR gets power from the PC USB port so no power connection is required.

The diagram below shows the connection configuration of the Dterm VSR device and the local desktop PC.

The Dterm VSR hardware simply connects in-line at the telephone user's desktop. No power is required and because the in-line connection is simply a metallic wiring of the "in" and "out" connections, Xtension Recorder does not affect the telephone operation in any way with or without connection of the host PC via USB.

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