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Wireless & Cordless Telephone Systems

NCC offers a wide range of cordless and wireless phones to meet each individual application.

Wireless & Cordless Telephone SystemsDigital Cordless: Designed to maximize mobility while providing access to most system features right on the handset, the Cordless II is designed for spectrum efficiency in combination with the Cordless Lite to maximize call capacity. The two-line, 16-digit dot-matrix display and four status icons provides quick and easy-to-read information, including caller name and number.* Four programmable keys (with four appearance lights) give you the same selected functionality as your electronic deskset including extension numbers. As an added convenience, the Cordless II can be controlled remotely, allowing users to switch from desktop to cordless use while away from their desk. The Cordless II supports up to 10 channels, allowing ten Cordless II users to make simultaneous calls in the same office space.

Wireless & Cordless Telephone SystemsDigital Cordless Lite:  As with the Dterm Cordless II, the Dterm Cordless Lite II is designed to increase your mobility to within the building while maintaining quality voice coverage and access to most system features. Best suited for high density communication areas and supporting up to 30 simultaneous conversations, the versatile and easy-touse Dterm Cordless Lite gives you desktop functionality in a cordless handset. A 2x16 display provides caller name and number*, and convenient programmable feature keys allow you to access most popular system features.

Analog Cordless:  Unlike typical analog phones that use a 900MHz band, the Analog Cordless features a 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum. This means you can avoid congested 900MHz areas while traveling much further from the base unit and still receive clear digital transmissions. This analog phone is a lightweight and cost effective cordless solution for those areas requiring mobility unrestrained by a handset cord. The analog cordless supports up to 30 channels, allowing thirty analog cordless phones to be used simultaneously.

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